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ELLIVRON PROCEDURES Email Ordering – R.T.F Orders (Ready To Fit) Lenses

To use RTF, you need is 

  • A frame tracer
  • A program on your computer to be able to save the scans as an OMA file.

If you don’t have a program to save your files to then go to the Hawkstone web site and download the VCA tracer. This is program to read the trace data and store them on your computer.

  • An Rx Order form

To access the order form, go to the Ellivron web site and create an account. Once you have the account you go to orders and downloads there you will find an order form that says Prescription order form ordering.

Download the form and enter your practice name and address as well as your account number and save it with the changes. I would then paste that to desktop.

Now you should now have a

  • Tracer
  • A place to save the files.
  • An order form that you can go to.

To place an order.

  • Trace a frame.
  • Populate the order form with all the necessary details. Putting an X in the box that says RTF.

Now save that with the changes. Before you press save rename the file with the patients Name and/or Order number

To send the order is now simple.

Create an email.

  • Recipient is
  • In the subject put RTF trace order
  • Body of the email put the patients name and your practice name.
  • Attache the order that will be in the Downloads and select the file.
  • Now go to the OMA files (If you are using the VCA tracer, when you click to attach a file, you will find a file called Solenzara click on Solenzara and all your trace data will be there. Find the trace you want and attach the file.

Now just send the email.

Trivex Stock Single vision will be with you the next day if ordered before 3pm

Those Local to Gloucester Can Receive R.T.F Sv lenses within the hour depending on distances and time of day. Please enquire.

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