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Positioned to deliver quality ophthalmic products combined with enthusiastic customer service.

Frank Norville leads a team of seasoned technicians utilising the latest in dry edging equipment technology. We would describe ourselves as a City Glazing Laboratory, based just off Gloucester’s inner ring road. So, while you wait on the completion of your takeaway spectacle glazing you can either walk next door to Smyths Toys emporium or in the next bay along MacDonalds!  Fast local lab service is our strategy. However, be reminded we are only B2B suppliers, but by prior arrangement we could accommodate your patients on those rare occasions of pressing need.  Sign up for our news flash to bring you updates of incoming new lens products and news of our forward progress.

TRIVEX and DRIVEWEAR our speciality.

Trivex is the first-choice entry index (n=1.53) resin lens material. Lighter even than polycarbonate with superior UV absorption and excellent abbe value of 45. Trivex is tough, up with polycarbonate. Without the disadvantages exhibited by polycarbonate such as chemicals and vapours. 

 You will find our stock lens range covering 55mm through to 70mm diameters an excellent first choice for single vision dispensing. 

Trivex is the perfect choice for children’s wear. All diameters available in hard coat (HC) traditional emerald reflex M.A.R.E and higher wavelength absorbing blue reflex MARB. Superior vision for the developing eye is paramount, our exciting collaboration with iPlay frames will be your clinics perfect partnership in children’s eyewear.

Trivex is available in a range of lens designs. Transitions XTRActive and the especially good Drivewear polarising photochromic. 

Trivex Rimless Specialists 

Rimless spectacles are a timeless classic awaited the arrival of Trivex lens material, the ideal material for rimless spectacles. Our experienced team are your first choice for superior rimless finishes.

Trivex lens material resolved that issue of broken lenses in rimless glazing. Yet we still see a nervousness of prescribing rimless. Nowadays virtually unbreakable in the lightest spectacle. 

Watch for our take on perfect rimless dispensing.